Financial Reporting


AMB™ offers a tremendous level of financial reporting that comes standard with the mortgage loan software. Multiple versions of the Trial Balance and General Ledger reports are available right out of the box. User definable Balance Sheet, Income Statements and Statement of Changes are also provided.

Two methods of grouping accounts for financial presentation are provided. The first is called the “FSGroup” method, where user defined “Financial Statement Groups,” such as “Cash, Accounts Receivable, Prepaid Expenses” are assigned to the various accounts in the chart of accounts. Each account is also categorized as an Asset, Liability, Capital, Income or Expense. Using these categories along with the Financial Statement Groups, users can quickly and easily generate very presentable financial reports.

These “Financial Statement Groups” also serve as the top layer in the system’s built in “Drill down” capability which allows the user to start with a Balance Sheet or Income Statement line item and “Drill down” to the individual transactions affecting the accounts comprising that line item.

The second approach is to use AMB’s “Script Based Financials” module. This module not only allows the user greater flexibility in defining each row of the report providing a virtually unlimited level of subtotaling but also allows the user to incorporate loan volume statistics into the report. In addition, once generated, an individual “Script” can be copied and modified to meet a specific reporting need. You can have as many iterations of a report as you like.


Our General Ledger report is second to none! In detail mode, you not only see each transaction occurring on an account within the period specified but you also see the check number that paid each invoice. This makes the report an invaluable audit tool for your company.


Presents the changes that occurred over any number of months selected by the user. Which accounts comprise each line of the report is defined by the user using the product’s “Script Based Financials” module.


Presents the account balance for each general ledger account within the system, as of any date. Several iterations of this report are available


Several Income Statement formats are provided with the product. These statements can be run for any period, even prior years which have been closed. The ability to print over a “Rolling” twelve months has been ideal for reviewing trends. View Sample Here