Web Reports

Web Based Reporting.

Having access to up to the minute data over the Web has become an essential requirement of managers today. Our Web Based Executive Reporting, Web Based Branch Reporting and Web Based Loan Officer Reporting modules were designed to do just that.

The Web Based Executive Reporting module provides real time access to financial reports for key executives. Balance Sheet and Income Statement reporting as well as a link to our new dashboard of Key Performance Indicators are available.

The Web Based Branch Reporting module was designed for sophisticated branch managers who insist on real-time information about the loans being originated and the financial position of their Branch or Branches.

The Web Based Loan Officer Reporting module was designed to give Loan Officers similar real time access to the loans they were originating. The Funded loans report and related Commission reports tells the loan officer what he or she wants to know.

By placing this information in the hands of these individuals, we believe that AMB’s Web Reporting module can dramatically reduce the calls to your accounting department.

Some of the reports available include:

Income By Branch Report – This real-time P&L report offers full-drill down capability to the account and loan level. Managers who want to know exactly which loans make up their income can see income in real-time. The ability to drill down to the loan level allows managers to confirm that the transactions being charged to their branch are proper. The Script Based Income Report is a more detailed version of the Branch P&L and before it was made available on the Web, it is the report that would have been sent to the branch at month end. Having this report available on the Web allows the branch manager to view its contents at any time AND eliminates the need for the corporate accounting department to have to package and send the report to each branch manager each month. The time and labor savings can be substantial.

Funded Loans By Branch – designed for the branch manager who is primarily interested in loan production. Each row of the report represents the P&L for a loan. Your staff can design the columns to summarize income and expense per loan into easy-to-understand headings. You can arrange the P&L by loan into as few or as many columns as you like, with a total at the end of the row representing the total income per loan.

Commission Reports– allows the branch manager to see the commissions being paid for his or her branch or by loan office. These reports are generated in real time based on loans funded or sold.

Transaction by Loan Number Report – allows the branch manager to review the transaction activity occurring an a selected loan or range of loans. Which GL accounts the user sees is controlled by management.