System Requirements

AMB Recommended Specs

These recommendations are created with the following variables in mind:

  • Server life expectancy
  • Server – dedicated to the AMB database

The disk storage capacity should take into consideration the amount of data the company currently has and projected growth.

Note: We do not support Microsoft Small Business Server. The recommendation below is under the assumption that the server is dedicated to the AMB database.

Memory: Min 16GB, Recommended 32GB

Disk Capacity: 500 GB exclusive of the Imaging module, allow an additional 500GB to store images

Disk Speed: Minimum- 7200 rpm

Processor: Xeon Quad-Core Processor 2.8 GHz or better

LAN: Recommended 1Gbps or better

Server OS: 64-bit Windows Server, 2008 or newer

Communication Protocol: TCP/IP

AMB Recommended Workstation Specs

Notes: Given the “Client/Server” nature of the product, we recommend that user workstation, or “Client”, have sufficient resources to manage the level of activity expected.

OS: Workstation Win7, 8, 10

RAM: Minimum 4GB, Recommended 16GB

Disk Capacity: 200 GB

The Client / Server nature of the product dictates that the “Client” workstation be in close proximity to the data server. Moving the data server miles away from the client workstation will negatively impact performance. In such cases we recommend that Terminal or Citrix server be used as the “Client” workstation and that it be in on the same LAN as the data server. Remote workstations can then connect to the Terminal or Citrix server to ensure the best performance.