Budgeting Capability

The AMB™ “Standard” budgeting capability is included with the product. This unique budgeting tool is based on months, not years, and any number of months can be budgeted. This approach allows the product to produce “Rolling” P&L’s” for any period of time, not just the current accounting year.

Also available is the AMB™ Advanced Budgeting module, designed to allow users to establish multiple budget scenarios within the mortgage software. Each of these budget scenarios can then be easily compared to actual.

Adding to this unique budgeting capability is the ability to track budget entries as transactions so that the various changes made to the budget can be easily displayed.

Budgeting Loan Volume

AMB™ provides the capability to enter anticipated loan volume by type of loan and by branch. This is an essential element of AMB’s ability to incorporate loan volume statistics within the P&L. The budgeted loan volume and the actual loan volume by month, quarter and year to date can be displayed on the report and used to calculate a “Basis Point” and “Average Cost per Loan’ calculations for each income and expense line.
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