Loan Level Detail

Experience the AMB Difference in Mortgage Accounting

In your mortgage company, where all income stems from loan activity, AMB ensures that this crucial loan income is the foundation of your financial statements.

Our software simplifies mortgage accounting, automating complex tasks and bringing every essential loan detail to the forefront. With AMB, data from Loan Origination systems, warehouse banks, vendor invoices, and investor websites can be seamlessly integrated, illuminating the path from data entry to reporting.

Embrace a system designed for the unique challenges of mortgage professionals, crafted to enhance your operations and free you to focus on growth and strategic decisions with unmatched accuracy and real-time insights.

Streamline Your Mortgage Accounting with AMB

Dive Deep with Loan-Level Insights:

Easily manage loan level detail with the streamlined efficiency of AMB. Our system is a game-changer, offering crystal-clear loan details at your fingertips, making every data entry and report a breeze.

Embrace Automation, Embrace Freedom:

Manual data entry? A thing of the past. AMB's powerful import features transform every step, from loan funding to settlement, into a smooth, automated journey.

Reconciliation at the Speed of Light:

Discover the simplicity of uncovering any account detail with just a click. Whether it's tracking your Warehouse Line Payable or managing Trust Cash accounts, AMB makes it easy to get the full picture instantly.

Simplified Reporting with AMB

A Clear View on Your Data

Spot Errors with Ease:

With AMB's Multi-Account Reconciliation report, comparing loans across various accounts is a breeze. Identifying any discrepancies becomes a simple task, ensuring your books are always accurate.

Unlock Detailed Income Insights:

Get a comprehensive look at your loan income. AMB leverages detailed borrower data, allowing for deep dives into financials with the option to export seamlessly to Excel for further analysis.

Tools for Thorough Analysis

Every Transaction, One Place:

AMB provides a complete activity log for each loan. Track every financial move with precision, leaving no room for oversight.

Custom Reports for Audits:

AMB's GL Reconciliation by Loan report brings instant clarity on account balances, from Warehouse Line Payable to Loans Held for Sale. Our targeted reporting simplifies audits and compliance, ensuring accuracy for financial reviews and state banking audits with ease.

Gain Insights with AMB's Real-Time P&L Reporting

Every Transaction, One Place:

With just a few clicks, AMB lets you see the real story behind each loan. Compare what you expected to earn against what you actually did, all in a straightforward, easy-to-understand format.

Elevate Loan Officer Success:

Dive into the performance of your loan officers. AMB helps you uncover who's excelling and who might need a bit more support, empowering you to make decisions that foster growth and success across your team.

Discover the AMB Advantage

Tailor-Made for the Mortgage World:

AMB is the go-to platform for accountants and branch managers -with over 500 included report layouts and templates- designed to meet the specific needs of mortgage professionals.

Simplicity Meets Sophistication:

AMB blends powerful features with simplicity, ensuring your team can easily adopt and excel with our software.

Unmatched Support:

From comprehensive training to ongoing support, we're here to ensure you maximize the benefits of AMB's features.

Transform Your Mortgage Loan Accounting Today

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