Accounts Payable

Entering and paying vendor invoices is EASY!

The real time nature of the system eliminates the aggravation of batch posting routines of older systems. The Payables entry form in AMB is extremely intuitive. Simply tabbing through the form will walk the user through the entry.

This same process controls the data entry to make sure that duplicate invoices aren’t entered, or that the entry only be charged to an open period, or that the vendor is an active vendor for the company or that the GL account number is valid. The types of things you’d hope someone would review are being reviewed by the system.

  • Entering vendor invoices is EASY!! The real time nature of the system eliminates the several “Posting” routines of older “Batch” systems. Users need only learn how to enter an invoice, select it for payment and print the check.
  • Prevents duplicate invoices from being entered.
  • Allows posting to any open period.
  • Supports an unlimited number of bank accounts.
  • The system provides enormous flexibility when selecting invoices to pay.
  • Provides a comprehensive recurring Payable capability.
  • The check printing function is easy to use and offers excellent recovery in the case of a printer jam.
  • Save money with the “Laser/MICR” check printing module provides greater security and saves money by printing checks to blank (check stock) paper and is ideal for companies with multiple bank accounts or where a large volume of checks is being printed.
  • The ACH Transfer module eliminates the need to print paper checks all together saving not only on the cost of those checks but the envelope, stamp and labor associated with the whole mailing process.
  • The list of Vendors can be specific to one company or shared by multiple companies.
  • Easily accommodates manual checks.
  • An exceptional void check capability provides an excellent audit trail of voided checks and saves time by allowing the user to automatically reinstate the related invoices for re-payment.
  • Provides complete Bank Reconciliation capability that is quick and easy to use. Lists of cleared checks provided by the bank can be quickly imported to the system letting the system do the work of clearing each item.
  • Provides a built-in vendor Inquiry function that lets the user see the invoice detail as well as the image of the invoice (if the Imaging module has been installed). This function also allows the user to see not only if the invoice has been paid and if that payment has cleared the bank.
  • Provides an easy to use Positive Pay function.
  • The Payables Reconciliation Report provides a complete reconciliation of an AP account balance as of any date. You will never have to hold up entering new transactions waiting for the previous month to be closed.
  • The Cash Requirements reporting allows the user to easily view the cash demands by due date.
  • Offers exceptional reporting of outstanding checks.
  • Generates 1099 forms with supporting detail.