About Advantage Systems

Advantage Systems Inc. (ASI) was founded in May of 1986 by Mr. Brian D. Lynch. The Company was formed to better distribute an accounting product called CONTRACK, which was designed to address the specific needs of the Real Estate Development industry. Since it was formed, the Company’s business-focus has matured to include development, marketing, distribution and support of additional vertical market applications.

Impressed with CONTRACK’s on-line transaction processing capabilities, the Company was approached by a local Mortgage Banker in 1991, to provide the capability to manage their “Trust Accounting” to comply with California law. In meeting that requirement, the Company saw an opportunity to expand its markets and provide a much needed accounting solution to the Mortgage Banking Industry.

The development of the AMB (Accounting for Mortgage Bankers) software incorporated the same concepts of integration that were implemented in CONTRACK. Rather than add independent modules to provide the required functionality, the ability to provide loan level detail was made an integral part of the mortgage loan software. Doing so has made the system easier to use and has provided a level of functionality and reporting that is simply unmatched and considered the industry standard for Accounting Software for Banks.

In addition to developing superior accounting solutions for the industries served, Advantage Systems Inc. has sought to provide an unparalleled level of service and support. All employees are encouraged to assist clients in any way they can. The Company has lived by the notion that good news travels fast but bad news travels a lot faster.

About AMB