Joe Ludlow of Advantage Systems: For Lenders, Data Visualization Holds The Key To Maximizing The Value of Real-Time Data

Lenders have, for a while now, embraced the use of real-time data in the loan application and origination process. Notably, through verification of income and employment when evaluating borrowers or real-time updates to appraisal, flood and title services, time-to-close has been streamlined significantly. Lenders are increasingly making use of real-time, loan-level data within operations to monitor production more accurately within their branch networks.

Having systems in place with real-time data capabilities is just the first step, however. The challenge that many lenders are struggling with now is one of “data overload.” Like the proverbial example of “drinking from a firehose,” the sheer amount of data available is making it difficult for staff to parse, evaluate and execute when faced with continuously updating, real-time data sets.

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June 29, 2023