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AMB is an extremely robust mortgage banking accounting software system that's easy to use.

Over 300 mortgage companies and 5,000 branch managers count on AMB every day. With no customization, AMB provides hundreds of useful financial reports so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Everything is built-in. Reconciliations are easier. Audits are faster. You’ll close more quickly.

AMB Financial Reporting Features

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If you're still not convinced AMB is for you, AMBfx adds new functions and capabilities to Excel, to directly access AMB data.

Key features include:

 • Changes made in AMB are immediately reflected in your spreadsheet
• Create board presentations that look the way you want
• “Range Fill” function makes getting data from AMB easy
• Drill down function lets you easily support your data
• Use Excel’s pivot function to easily chart your results
• Easily export data from Excel to PowerPoint
• Create custom reporting packages

Additionally, AMB's Laser/MICR check printing module makes check printing easier, cheaper, less prone to error, and more secure because you don't have pre-printed checks lying around. When used with the imaging module, it saves PDF check copies with each invoice.

If you'd like to work smarter and not harder, schedule your AMB demo today and find out why AMB is the mortgage industry standard.

AMBfx Functions and Capabilities