Advantage Systems’ Loan Officer Reporting Tool Gives Loan Officers Access to Performance Data

Module allows loan officers to access real-time loan information

IRVINE, Calif., April 26, 2011 – Advantage Systems, a provider of accounting and contract management tools for the mortgage and real estate industries, announced the launch of its Loan Officer Reporting Tool as a module within the Accounting for Mortgage Bankers (AMB) accounting system.
The Loan Officer Reporting Tool builds on the capabilities of the Web-based Branch Reporting Module, drilling down further to give loan officers access to real-time loan-level data for each loan they have funded. The module provides each individual loan officer access to reports to help better track performance, including:

  • Funded Loan Report – Lists the individual loans funded highlighting key information about each loan as well as the income and expenses incurred.
  • Transactions by Loan Number Report – Shows the individual transactions incurred on a loan, including access to images of the related invoices if the AMB imaging function is in place.
  • Transactions by General Ledger and Loan Number Report – Displays the loan level detail of all transactions affecting a given GL account within the period requested by the user.
  • Commission Report – If the lender is using the AMB Commission module, this report shows the commissions earned on loans funded within a given period.

By providing loan officers with detailed information regarding each of their loans and personal performance, lenders decrease the number of phone calls from branches that must be fielded by the corporate office. In addition, if the lender has implemented the Commission Calculation Module, loan officers are able to determine their commission for each loan with the click of a button.

“Improving lending efficiency is a top priority for branch managers and providing the loan officer with instant, Web-based access to granular information reduces time for the manager, the corporate headquarters and the loan officers themselves,” said Brian Lynch, president of Advantage Systems. “Branching continues to grow as more regulations are implemented and lenders increasingly need technology to automate a significant amount of the data transfer between the corporate headquarters and branches. Loan officers are also seeking the lenders that put the most control in their hands as the look for employment opportunities.”